You know that awkward question when someone asks, ‘What was your childhood like?’  I typically have to refrain from saying:

“Surprisingly, I survived when I shouldn’t have.”

Most people, in polite conversation, will avert their eyes and hang their head much like they do when they hear someone has died.  Sadly though, that’s my reality.  From the age of three until I was seventeen, I was emotionally/psychologically, physically, and sexually abused.

Now I am an adult.  I am happily married to a very loving and supportive man.  We have three beautiful daughters and two sons that have helped me define what a parent is supposed to be in the amazing things they show me every day.  Along with two unique and very loyal dogs, I have a very full life.

I write to heal and I write to help others but my quest for healing is not only for myself but for my family.  I am compelled to include a disclaimer.  My blog is NOT for the faint of heart.  These memories are very real.  It was much like hell to survive them.

Know that if you do choose to read, I value your support though I understand if the reality of it is too harsh.

With much respect,


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