These are the events that happened after I was whipped in the “My Journal and Step-Father” post.  Essentially, two weeks after that on a Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the front porch doing homework for the next week.  I remember having to sit on a pillow because my backside was still on the mend.  Kim and Jack A. had recently gotten a new truck.  It was red, an extended cab, with a long bed.  My mother needed something reliable for transportation while she’s on the road every week.

My sister was four years old and she and one of the neighbors’ kids were running around the yard.  All of a sudden, Jack A. comes bursting out of the front porch and made a beeline for Suzie.  Suzie and her friend had been running up and down the side of the truck with sticks.  Scratching it all to hell.  Without even thinking about what I was doing, I got in his way.  I said:

“Don’t get mad at Suzie.  I saw what she did and didn’t stop her.”

Immediately, I felt the shift of rage from my sister to me like a laser beam.  He honed in on me and said:

“I guess you thought you could get back at me.”

He grabbed me by the hair at the back of my head and drug me into the house.  He forced me down onto the couch and walked back out to the truck.  During this time, my sister came in and ran straight to my mother.  Kim was in the room she shared with Jack A. watching TV.  They both stayed in the bedroom.  Jack A. came back inside and went straight to his bedroom.  He came back with the razor strap in his hand.  I received five lashes for every scratch Suzie and her friend did to the truck.  It was five LONG scratches.  After the first three lashes, I passed out from the pain since my legs were still healing from the last beating.