Poetry: I Am

After my recent post, I picked out this poem I wrote in high school to publish.

crazy and demented

sick and twisted

unbelievably tormented


every time i close my eyes

i see a nightmare

that haunts me

in daylight hours

i still see a darkness

even though the sun shines

a breath of fresh air shall not stir

for death and destruction


pain and sorrow

dwell in my heart

every breath i take

is shallow and slow





One thought on “Poetry: I Am

Add yours

  1. It is not and never was your fault Phoenix, always remember.
    Your words say it all, about how you felt then.
    This is another of your entries that has really got to me today,and I’m sorry.

    Sorry you had to go through all this stuff, sorry that no one stopped it, sorry that you had no support from those around you, and so so sorry that you had the most carefree time of your life taken away so horribly.
    love n many many hugs

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