Poetry: Sunset In A Cup

Bring me the sunset in a cup for I want to drink.
I want to bring in the happiness and beauty, to make it my own.
To hold it close to my heart, never to let it go.
I wish to look into the glow and witness my future.
My past too dark and bleak
Bring me the sunset in cup so that I can taste freedom.
I wish to leave my cage and shackles behind,
To hopefully be forgotten.
The nightmare is right on my heel.
I can feel his breath on the back of my neck.
His hands forever holding me back and holding me down.
Bring me the sunset in a cup so that I may drink of freedom and the future.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Sunset In A Cup

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  1. Hope you find that sunshine in your cup and that your cup runneth over with light. I think you might find writing your book will add to the happiness of your life you have made for yourself although it may be painful at times to record your memories. It is cathartic for you and helpful for the many unfortunate others who have had experiences like yours.

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