In the time that I have had this blog I have never had a negative comment… until tonight.  So I feel a need to re-state some things about my blog and the purpose behind it.

This blog isn’t meant as an “Oh POOR ME… my life was so horrible.”  I am not looking for pity.  I am writing about my life publicly because I feel that the more people that come in contact with it, the more people might be able to get through something horrible in their life.  Whether it’s past or present… I am trying to show people that child abuse is more common than the statistics.  The published statistics are only the reported ones that have come forward.  Of course there’s a buffer placed in there for an estimate of ones that haven’t come out.  It’s not accurate.  The children that survive child abuse and become adults, if they are lucky and able to survive it emotionally, can come out intact.  However, there’s a lot of emotional damage that is done that causes severe problems.  Multiple Personality Disorder and Disassociation are just two examples.  I happen to be very lucky.  For whatever reason, I turned out whole.  I’m a happy and well adjusted adult.  I have a loving husband and two beautiful daughters.

There is another purpose behind what I’m doing.  I’m posting these events of my life as a way to let go of them.  I have already cut the poisonous relationships out of my life.  My mother was the one that let these things happen to me… and my daughter asked me (at four years of age) a few days ago where my mother is and upon receiving the answer, she questioned me further.  She asked if my mother was her grandma too.  I told her no and my history is why she is not and never will be aloud around my girls.  I am biologically related to Kim and had no choice in that and now that I am an adult, I have an obligation to protect my girls and my mother happens to be someone they need protection from.

This blog is not for the faint of heart.  This blog discusses the very real events of my life.  If you don’t like what I write about, please don’t read.  Definitely don’t post negative comments.  If you read… great.  I can take all of the support I can get.  That’s had a huge impact on the things that I have been able to work through.

I have actually started writing a book about how I did make it out in one piece.  I’m doing it for myself but possibly for the others that will find something useful in it.  I would like to say that the negative comment was easy to brush off and move forward with what I’m doing.  I am still forever moving forward but the comment… it wasn’t nice.