Poetry: The Labyrinth

This is another one of my poems from my high school days that I was able to protect from Jack A.  Anything that I wrote while under his roof had to be hidden.  I truly believe that if he had caught me with any of it, he would have killed me.

The Labyrinth
Like the Grimm Reaper, I walk a fine line.
Living in the eternal hell of hatred peppered with desolation.
Possessing no illusions and blotting out all consciousness.
The seconds are slipping by like sand through my fingers.
I can hear the seconds ticking and tocking.
It’s precision bringing me closer to the end.
Synchronized in time in which we all dance with death.
I dance alone.  I know the end is near.
My body becoming a canvas of tortured vessels.
All of the colors are gray and black.
Mirroring my world and it’s inferno of midnight.
Living without a soul and without feelings.
I have become numb, losing all sense of humanity.
He is the pilot of my slow walk to death.
Unable to stop or slow this forced pace.
I can feel the cold hand of the reaper on my neck.
Beckoning me closer to death.


12 thoughts on “Poetry: The Labyrinth

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  1. What a powerful entry Phoenix..
    How old were you when you wrote it?

    Do you think the reason that Jack A would destroy your journals was because he knew he would be in deep trouble if anyone read them?
    If those were his thoughts, then that would suggest he knew what he was doing was wrong, yet still continued with his reign of terror… which then goes beyond 2conditioning” and into the realms of real evil.
    Your poem is making me ask questions to myself that perhaps will one day get an answer.
    Thank you for sharing your words. I’m glad they made it through those dark days along with you.
    love n hugs

    1. I was in high school so sometime between the years of ’95 and ’00.
      I don’t think that was it. I think that he did it to hurt me because it was something that I enjoyed doing. I didn’t write down the bad things that were happening… I just made vague references. I was too scared to go into full detail IF he did find them.

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