This is a poem from my high school days.

the demons crowd around me in unison
the cry of death is deafening
i’m scared and hovering in my corner alone
the guitar is my battle cry
singing and screaming, siphoning me of all life
my vision blurs and one becomes two combining into four
the razor blades cry my name and the mirror has no reflection
i run from my shadow and blend in with death
i won’t try to argue
the point is clear and the time to dance with the train is near
i can taste your fear as it oozes from your pores
my heart races and the tears fall
statues move and the turtle dances
blood spills into puddles on my clothes
and the dead walk the earth
anger and hatred rip through the flesh and leap as fire towards the havens
cries to god go unheard
a forgotten child plays with the snake
crawling in fear toward hell
the devil shall parish in his own flames of evil
dragons fly across the moon and the pegasus dances on my grave
a forgotten promise flies on the wings of a dove
my name is echoed in the padded room
i shrink down to nothing in this straight jacket
i become the disease of nothing in particular
the hurricane rages in your mind
a photograph is taken and the panther lurks in the shadows
the termite chokes on the splinters and the boat left without the captain
in the eyes of the demons a child cries
for fear of death is blessed by the world
worldly values become figments of my imagination
dreams become the tear drops falling from the sky
at your feet lies the puddle of water that leads to the ocean
lightning flashes and the sky falls
whales fly and the one-eyed cyclops screams in fear
the dance has ended and the piano is out of tune
the demons crowd around me in unison
jostling each other out of restlessness for action
laughter is heard over the screams
it’s a long way down and i’m staying on the ledge
the gremlin hunts the demon of my heart
loneliness takes its toll and the dagger killed the love
the stars dance around my hands
it’s been awhile since death reconciled with life
it was a black wedding for you
and the snake reclaims the child
cold sets in and I’m left to stare at a mirror
it sucks you in and drags you down
in the picture lies the dead man petting his dog
walking the tightrope without a net
i let myself fall
i’m bent in two the wrong way
the guitar plays my song
the ghost dances with its body
the demons cry and my name and i answer with my battle cry of tears
the man in the uniform shot the innocent while i lay in my grave
the ring is from my finger and the telephone sits silent
the wolf howls at the moon where the dragon sits eating the pegasus
memories are where you lay them
buried is the hemorrhage in my hand
you fight for your life and all you get is death in the end
the demons crowd around me
the spell goes unbroken from broken promises
the cat ate the fish and the dog ate the cat
mexico at the dog that had a death wish and crossed the border
the riot rages in the white house where patriotism kills
the edge becomes my interest as i stare at the ants from the ledge
the demons disappear and life becomes death in the end
closing my eyes, i fall and……………