Jacques Delille said,

Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.

Someone, please-oh-please tell Fate that I want my money back!  I would like to return my relatives.  I don’t want to exchange them, I just want my money back.  I feel cheated!  I have some pretty awesome friends, so I will keep them but … Fate, you gotta take the other ones back!  The refund is not to include three individuals (my husband and my daughters).  My husband Conall, I have to say that you were pretty spot on with that pick.  He picks me up when I fall.  He protects me when I feel I need it and even when I don’t think I do.  He compliments my rough edges with his softer ones.  As far as the two little baby girls… their presence alone lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.  They bring out all of the ‘motherly instincts’ that I thought would elude me after my childhood.  So, I’m going to keep those three and give you the rest back.  You can take them.  Today.  No, I don’t want to wait till the end of the ‘waiting’ period.  You can even keep my deposit!

Heinrich von Pierer,

Control your fate or somebody else will.

Fate… I really has a HUGE bone to pick with you on this one.  Need I go over the list?  I didn’t think so.  I think I see a lawsuit coming over the horizon for pain and suffering and anything less than six figures would be insulting to my pride.  I will give you thirty days to make good on this before I contact my lawyer.


If things were really this easy, I think that a lot of wounds would be healed… child abuse would become a thing of the past because all a child would have to do is trade in their abuser for a mother like June or a father like Ward Cleaver.  I don’t know that I would specifically choose those as my trade-in option but I don’t think that I would have hesitated.  Sadly this world isn’t a perfect one and we just can’t make a trade-in for the relatives that have hurt us so deeply.  We can’t sue fate for the raw end of the deal.  So, who’s to blame?  Where is our retribution?