Mathew West – Broken Girl

I’m not prone to just sharing music videos but I had to share this one. I felt this video touched the places down deep and even though it’s sad, you can see the hope on the other side of the fence. I truly hope you take the time to watch.


26 thoughts on “Mathew West – Broken Girl

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  1. A beautiful sad song. No one has to feel that way. I’m old and I’ve lost relationships and friends to war,addiction etc. Everything that happens to us in life is a lesson. Learn from it and move on. I’m sure your beautiful and I know that God loves you and so do I. Chin up 🙂


    1. I don’t mean any disrespect Art, but I cannot possibly fathom what lesson a child needs to learn at the hands of abusers. What I learned, is that I can’t trust people. What I learned is that people lie when they say the words I love you. What I learned, is that I was a worthless creature, and an utter failure as a human being. How do these lessons benefit?

      1. I took Arts’ comment as being that we learn from the hurt and the pain we go through in life and it helps us to grow, that there’s no viable reason for abuse but in our inescapable reality, learn to heal through those emotions.

        You are not a worthless creature and by being alive and pursuing healing, you are giving your abusers the proverbial middle finger. Our choices is how we can redefine ourselves and become a phoenix rising from the ashes.

  2. It actually was very good.. There is hope or a hint of hope.. An equal song of despair and then hope is 60’s MacArthur Park..

  3. A beautiful melancholy. Thank you for following me at Willy Nilly, most of all, thank you for leading me to your blog where your voice is heard.

  4. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the follow! I dealt with a lot of verbal and psychological abuse myself as a kid, and at 34, I’m still dealing with some of the effects. A lot of what you’ve written about rings very true for me. Thank you for writing so candidly – while in some ways it’s sad to know others went through what you did, it’s validating to know that you can recover and reclaim your life.

    1. Recovery is definitely possible and I’m glad you found something kindred from my posts. I am 31. I did not start actively pursuing healing until I was 29. But, it is possible.
      Thank you for your support in reading.


  5. I respect you so much for sharing your story and being an advocate for child abuse. You’re not only healing yourself but other by sharing your story Phoenix!

  6. I’m not going to lie. This song reduced me to tears. The line that stuck with me the most, was “you’re not the worthless they made you feel.” They made me feel like an absolute failure as a human being. They made me hate myself more than any other person in the world. I could hate them, but I don’t want them to matter enough for me to feel anything for them.

    1. It did me to. It was written for those of us that have been bruised and tossed away by our abusers.

      Same exact line for me to. Our abusers have to make us feel that way because it’s just a reflection of what’s on the inside. It’s a reflection of their soullessness and the gnarled hate that they cling to.

  7. I love Matthew West, but haven’t heard this song before. Thanks for posting. The same line got me, too, about not being the worthless they made you feel.

    Thanks for following my blog.

  8. I also love Matthew West. I cannot do video with my internet, but have gone to the library and seen this one actually, where I can do video on my laptop. This is a great one!

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