I have a memory at five years old where Jack A. took me with him when he went to go hustle at pool.  While they were waiting on someone else to show up, he played me in a game teaching me how to play.  He used that to set up his hustle.  I remember curling up in a chair and going to sleep.  Almost like a cat in a window sill.  I don’t remember getting up to go home.  I just remember waking up in my own bed.

There was a night that we (Jack A., his brother David, and myself) went to Joe Pool Lake in Texas.  I remember telling Jack A. that I was tired and wanted to go home.  I was six or seven years old.  I was told no and that we weren’t going home.  I didn’t recognize what they were doing then but now, I know they were fishing and smoking meth.  I remember going to lay down on a bench that was on the dock.  Exhausted.  We didn’t leave until after dawn.