Poetry: Feathers

A white feather dances on the wind
Playing with the breeze and dancing in the sun
Carefree emotions so long forgotten
The world should be black as pitch with the darkness floating in my heart
I can’t breathe or hear the song playing in my head
There is sparkle in broken glass but I find no pleasure in the prisms dancing across my face
I am confined and yet lost within infinity
I can see the cracks within the soul hidden from the world yet I make no connection to life
I close my eyes, smelling the breeze
Looking for the answer that will never come
Am I blind and as lost as an angel with broken wings
I have reached for the stars and have fallen short of expectation
I am not good enough and have a damaged soul
Measuring up but always flat
You have wrecked havoc within my heart
Broken shards bringing blood ad pain
A hell that I have left behind
A place in libo where I have come to rest
Drip Drop Drip Drop, Pit Pat Pit Pat
Rain falls on the roof drowning the sun
I have lost my heart and I fear I am broken
Do I only see the trees and not the forest
A white feather dances in the wind
Playing with the breeze and floating in the sun
Anger and a long forgotten memory
I create my own darkness and revel in its depth
I belong in hell
Broken, bruised, and bleeding
Left and forever hunting the sound track of my life
I have no words and have lost the beat of the song
The tempo disappearing, leaving me with my own empty soul
There is no comfort in my prison
No solace in this hell of mine
No comfort in the beat of my heart
A white feather dances in the wind
Playing with the breeze and floating in the sun


10 thoughts on “Poetry: Feathers

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  1. Phoenix I am so riveted by your writing and your story…having only read a few posts, though I am feeling chills already 😦 I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through…I’m very glad you are sharing and healing, and good for you for coming forward with your name/pic… hugs

    1. Thank you for reading. The starkness of my reality is difficult to take in but, it’s how I came to be at this moment, at this time in my life and I’m not sure I would change that.
      With much Respect

  2. Very powerful writing Mary, very powerful.
    A snapshot of how you were feeling at that time, or a commentary of life in general, either way this is a brilliant piece, thank you for posting it.
    Love n hugs
    Nick xxx

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