Poetry: No Longer Yours

I am no longer your possession to do with as you please

I am no longer yours

I am no longer holding on to the fear you beat into my heart

You murdered my innocence; shattered my soul

I am stronger than your will to break me

My soul will heal

My tears will dry

The throbbing pain in my heart will subside

I am stronger than your will to break me

I am no longer afraid

I am no longer your possession to do with as you please

I am no longer yours

You are soulless

You will forever be alone

With the memories forever haunting

Constantly being reminded of your crimes

Your own self inflicted; self created hell turned against you

I am stronger than your will to break me

I will overcome my hellish memories

I will heal from the wounds you have inflicted

The sunshine will caress my soul

While yours will be forever cast in the pitch of night

I am no longer your possession to do with as you please

I was never yours


31 thoughts on “Poetry: No Longer Yours

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  1. So beautiful and full of strength. All I have to say is YEEESS! Good for you. It was huge that you started using your real name and no longer was in hiding. I’m with you and I’m sure a lot of us are on your side. We got your back

  2. There is a series of books using the theme Boundaries as their main thrust — I have no doubt you are familiar with them. They espouse the same necessary attitudes in order to be freed. Angelou’s “I know why the caged bird sings” is reminiscent of this.

    While you speak to your history, the poem speaks, as Lisa Womble said, powerfully to many others.

    Well said.

  3. Phoenix Aria,
    My heart aches for the abuse you endured all those years. You are a well adjusted survivor because you possess great coping skills and have refused to remain a victim of abuse. Your mental and emotional strength, I believe, was given to you by God for your preservation. You will certainly touch others who’ve been abused and are struggling and need hope to come out on top. Keep writing. You express yourself so well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following me.

    1. Well, I’m glad you found a connection with something that I’ve written. This is actually an original poem. All of the poems on my blog are originals. I typically won’t repost a poem unless there’s a deep connection.

    1. Thank you so much. It meant a lot for me to be able to write this. I have been absent from my blogging recently that I really want to get back in into the process. I have definitely missed this.

  4. Simply brilliant Mary,
    as a poem and a statement of fact, it is just brilliant!
    I totally agree with everything dazedandlost has written, we are with you, we got your back.
    love n hugs
    Nick xxx

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