Through Hell

Gather wisdom and you shall become wise

Scream in the face of adversity and you will be strong

Face your demons and your bravery will shine through

The darkness around you will face into sunlight

A cool breeze will soothe the gaping holes within your soul

Believe with unwavering certainty

Challenge your resilience to fail and you will reach your impossible

Let shame no longer feed the bitterness

Take a spoonful belief and you shall find yourself

No longer living in oppression under the heels of the dictator

Open your arms and spin until your world is once again even

Your wisdom will give you direction

Your strength leading you through hell and fire

Finding safety in the sunshine

Sing into the wind and the world will hear your song

The holes in your soul will fill with hope

Fear will be evicted


15 thoughts on “Through Hell

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  1. The timing of this poem slays me as does the beauty and truth of it. I am ready to go toe to toe with my oppressors, how wonderful to be blessed with this poem on such a day. Thank you for this!

  2. I love that you are doing this, Phoenix Aria! Oh, and I love your name! I hope that hundreds and thousands of people get touched by this blog! It’s so nurturing and “no-BS”. I love that quality!

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