My life has seriously changed since my last post. It was November 4th, 2014 which has been three years and three months. What has changed? Well the majority of my landscape has altered in some way. When I started this blog, I was married to someone that really didn’t know my past. When my childhood memories started coming back to really haunt me, I’m not sure that he knew how to handle it. I didn’t know how to handle it myself and you don’t to through things like that without it changing who you are. We grew apart and it’s neither of our fault but for the sake of our girls, we decided that the best thing for us and them would be to get a divorce. We feel we can be better parents by not being married to each other. I am happily re-married to a loving man named Brian. I went from having two children, to five children. Since we have five children collectively, we have decided that we already have our hands full and we not be having children together. With my childhood, I have serious doubts about my parenting abilities anyway.

Brian was the first person that ever really got to know the full story. I know for a lot of people that know me in person, reading about my experiences has been very difficult. When you read someone’s blog from 1,400 miles away and you’ve never met them in person is definitely a very different feeling than if the person is your best friend. Granted, I’m not belittling any of my connections with my readers and the support system that I have been able to find in the WordPress blogging community. It’s definitely helped me go a long way down the road for healing emotionally.

There are things that I am truly struggling wth right now though. First, my medical prognosis has gone down hill immensely and second, that has brought up a lot of my emotional issues. How they go hand-in-hand, I really do not know. I will explore everything as time goes on but I wanted to get my initial post out of the way.

Love and respect,