Life Changing the World

“Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can.” ~Coach John Wooden

I didn’t used to have to outline what I needed/wanted to get done every day.  I just did it.  Ability never came in to play.  Now, just taking a shower can totally wreck my to do list.  But I never used to do the happy dance over being able to just take a shower either.

I had a breakdown recently over my ‘said’ abilities.  When I first started dating Brian, we were a fairly active couple.  We would go out on regular dates, take walks, do the normal couples errands like grocery shopping together.

Now – grocery shopping is a big event for me.  I get winded very easily just by walking around the house, much less Walmart.  He does the majority ouf our couples errands on his own now and I…

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