There was this one incident when my sister got really sick.  My step-father and mother blamed me for it.  The beating that I got made me see stars.

Myself and some of my friends opted to go hang out in the park that was only a short walk from my home.  My step-father made me take my sister with me.  I was fourteen and she was four years old.

I remember it was somewhere in the 30s and dropping.  Still we went to the park.  Suzie went to play and I sat at one of the picnic tables with my friends.  we were out there for a few hours.  At some point, my step-father pulled into the parking lot to watch us.  He made it a regular habit to follow me wherever I would go.  I think he did this because he wanted to catch me doing something wrong just so he could punish me.  He always found a reason.

Suzie got sick over the next few days.  Really sick.  Her temperature was so high that she believed that there were spiders crawling all over her.

During this time, my home live was very distorted beyond the violence, sexual, and emotional abuse.  My mother worked in one city two hours away from where we resided.  Since my sister wasn’t in school, my mother and sister would leave on Sunday evening and go stay with relatives that lived closer to her job.  They would come back on Friday night.  This gave my step-father the ability to treat me however he wanted uninterrupted.

When my step-father found out about how my sister had gotten so sick, it was open season.  I missed school the next day.  The time that I spent with him in that house was nothing short of a nightmare.  Hell on earth.