Sexual Abuse Defined

Child Sexual Abuse: Simply Defined

any sexual contact with a child performed by an adult or an older child.

Sexual Abuse: Simply Defined

any sort of non-consensual sexual contact.


One thought on “Sexual Abuse Defined

  1. I couldn’t have met you at a better time. You followed my blog so I went to see yours and want to see more of it. Yes, I am Bipolar, too. And I was sexually abused as a child and emotionally abused as well. I am struggling now with the Dr. Christine Blasey Ford thing coming out with previous anger that I never felt. Now I am furious. Fortunately I have a very understanding husband who worked with poor mentally ill and is now retired. I am struggling with women friends who do not understand. They think sexual abuse is equal to incest. It is not. They are offended by my anger at them for telling me not to be so angry at the news. I cannot rest. I will talk to my therapist tomorrow but I am so so angry. I had to worship a man that everyone worshipped in my family and he did bad things to me. I want to write a post about it but am too angry to put words to paper. Women friends!!!! Why can’t they understand?????

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